Random Ideas, Innovations, and Inventions

Here I am sharing ideas intended for open patent development. These are ideas which may have been patented, but I have yet to see on the open market:

  1. Straight shank metal cutting reciprocating saw blades. Presently, all manufacturers are offsetting the shank so as to impart an orbital motion to the cutting action. This causes the blade to bounce out of the cut.
  2. AC-DC adapter/battery charger for cordless tools. A small AC-DC transformer/charger which plugs in between the battery and tool, with a long (e.g. ten meter) power cord. This would allow continued use of a tool, simultaneously charging the low battery.
  3. Bicycle tire debris removal scraper. A small plastic blade which makes contact with the tire tread when braking.
  4. Simple bicycle braking kinetic energy recovery device. A spring or magnetically coupled flywheel engineered to store and release kinetic energy lost with an individual braking event.
  5. Two-inch to one-inch barbell plate adaptor. A simple disc which would allow a two-inch plate to be used on a one-inch bar (similar in design to the adaptors used on 45 RPM vinyl records).
  6. Free-weight (e.g. olympic weights and bench) fold-away home gym.

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